Evolutionology: Self-Confidence Test

Are you biased towards the Dominant or the Submissive side?

Directions: For each of the 10 questions below, you must choose one “Now” answer on the left hand side (describing how you think now), and one “Aspire” answer on the right hand side (describing how you aspire to think).

Click one radio button on each side. (You are allowed to choose the same answer for both sides.)

1. If I try to look at myself objectively, my personality...
Now... Aspire...
tends to be pushy or over-bearing.
confident and proactive, but there may be moments when I entertain certain fears.
can be timid and risk-averse, but there may be moments of confidence and proactivity.
is a bit too timid and risk-averse.
2. If I had the essence or energy of an animal, I would be a...
Now... Aspire...
lion, grizzly bear, or great white shark
cheetah, wolf, or dolphin
fox, dog, or seal
cat, deer, or sardine
mouse, canary, or shrimp
3. Assuming I were single, when walking into a singles party by myself, I...
Now... Aspire...
head for the most desirable person, confident and cocky, and begin the seduction.
mingle casually, but in search of an attractive person to flirt with.
mingle, making comfortable and casual conversation with people until something clicks organically.
get a drink, and try to meet people that seem approachable or non-threatening.
get a drink and try to find someone I know so I can stand with them and not look like a loser.
4. I would get very nervous if I was about to speak in front of this many people:
Now... Aspire...
a small group of people.
a medium-sized room full of people.
an auditorium full of people.
a stadium full of people or a live TV audience.
I would never get nervous speaking in front of any number of people.
5. When faced with a high bill for bad service, I...
Now... Aspire...
call and argue with them, demand the manager, and threaten to take my business elsewhere
call, share my frustration, and try to get a refund or credit if they can be persuaded
complain to friends, maybe rant on Facebook, but I probably will not confront the company
will be frustrated, but I will accept and resent it and not really try to do anything about it.
6. At a hypnotist show, when he calls for a volunteer, I...
Now... Aspire...
try not to be noticed, and if called up, I would decline.
would not volunteer. If called up, I would decline, but I might be able to be coaxed to go up.
may volunteer, depending on how I am feeling, but if called up, I would go.
volunteer and hope I am chosen.
7. When I think about my weight and body shape, I...
Now... Aspire...
feel proud and try to show it off whenever I can.
think I look fairly good and I don’t mind if I’m noticed..
don’t worry too much about it beyond looking presentable and respectable.
don't think I look that great and I feel somewhat uncomfortable when I am looked at.
feel embarrassed and always try to hide it as best I can.
8. My posture, when I walk and stand normally, is...
Now... Aspire...
My head is somewhat stooped forward and my shoulders are somewhat hunched.
My head is just slightly stooped forward and my shoulders are only slightly hunched.
My posture is straight and upright most of the time.
My posture is always perfectly straight and upright, which some may interpret as arrogance.
9. I think the opposite sex would rank the combination of my looks and personality as...
Now... Aspire...
9 or 10 out of 10
7/10 or 8/10
5/10 or 6/10
3/10 or 4/10
1/10 or 2/10
10. When I talk to people, I make eye-contact...
Now... Aspire...
now and then, but I mostly tend to look elsewhere because eye-contact can be intense.
part of the time, to be polite, but too much eye-contact can become uncomfortable.
a lot of the time, though I might look away occasionally to keep them feeling comfortable.
most of the time, regardless of their comfort level.