How Evolved are you?

Take the Evolutionology Quiz now and find out!


Are you deliberate, indecisive, self-critical, moody, or stubborn? Find out where you are on the confidence spectrum between Dominant and Submissive.


Are you tolerant, faithful, logical, dogmatic or pious? Find out where you are on the spiritual spectrum between Religious and Secular.

Sex & Relationships

Are you a leader, a follower, insecure, sexy or needy? Find out where you are on the gender spectrum between Masculine and Feminine.


Are you compromising, pragmatic, compassionate, legalistic or partisan? Find out where you are on the political spectrum between Conservative and Liberal.

The EVOLUTIONOLOGY QUIZ is made up of four simple multiple choice quizzes, each with 10 questions. The results give us an indication of how evolved (or civilized) we are as individuals on each of the four quiz topics.

Be aware that, as humans, we instinctively tend to view ourselves favorably while being critical and judgmental of others. This is our default chemical setting. The Evolutionology Quiz is designed to sidestep our personal bias and to zero in on where each of our opinions falls on the spectrum between Left and Right. This, in turn, approximates the extent to which we have mastery over the animal in our mirror.

You are, more than likely, going to resist the process during the test. You may find yourself disagreeing with some of the answer choices. Perhaps you will want to agree with more than one, or you might feel that your choice falls in between two answers and you cannot decide. You may even disagree with what defines evolved or dysfunctional for a particular issue.

Despite these instinctive reactions, if you find it difficult to choose an answer, choose the one you would choose if you were being forced to make a choice, the one you could most easily “live with” if you had to.

There are 4 tests in all. Feel free to try any or all of them.

Evolutionology describes how our survival instinct actually works, how it makes us think and behave, and how to regain control.
Evolutionology, a contraction of the phrase Evolutionary Behavioral Psychology, offers a new approach to understanding the evolution of the mind and our behavior. It presents self-evident truths that can empower us to analyze the psychology of people, ourself included. When we understand how our mind works, we have the power to effectively change our life. Learn more here...