Evolutionology: Religion Test

Are you biased towards the Religious or the Secular side?

Directions: For each of the 10 questions below, you must choose one “Now” answer on the left hand side (describing how you think now), and one “Aspire” answer on the right hand side (describing how you aspire to think).

Click one radio button on each side. (You are allowed to choose the same answer for both sides.)

1. I would describe God as...
Now... Aspire...
just a superstition or fantasy, while science is the highest truth.
a metaphor useful for teaching morality, but less persuasive than science.
the deepest spiritual truth, an energy of ultimate connection, but not an incarnate or judgmental Creator.
an infinitely loving parent who judges us, but who understands circumstances and intentions.
our Creator and Judge, with expectations of us all, who rewards the faithful and punishes the sinful.
2. When I die, I imagine...
Now... Aspire...
there is no continued existence or consciousness after death. It’s lights out, game over.
there may be a spiritual existence after death, but that might be wishful thinking (for comfort).
there may well be a spiritual existence after death, though it is not possible to prove it.
there is a spiritual existence after death where life is reviewed and no Earthly pains remain.
I will face an accounting of my actions, receive reward for good deeds, and be punished for sins.
3. I believe that my religion...
Now... Aspire...
has the most accurate expression of God's Will, and that we have a closer connection to Him than others.
has many values in common with others, but represents a more authentic and evolved spiritual platform.
has social, communal and cultural value more than spiritual significance.
is a social group into which I was born, though it does not affect or define me or my life path at all.
4. If I have to attend a religious service in a “House of Worship,” I...
Now... Aspire...
participate as fully as I am able, with great interest and enthusiasm.
participate with interest.
participate enough to be respectful, but without feeling obligated or embarrassment if I don’t.
participate just enough to be respectful, but without much interest (and maybe even a bit condescending).
sit as far from the action as possible and participate as little as possible, even if it risks offending others.
5. Before making an important decision, I...
Now... Aspire...
always consult with my clergy and consider their wise and valued opinions more highly than my own.
will consult with my clergyman, consider their advice, but reserve the right to make my own decision.
might consult with a clergyman if I am close to one and find their advice to be balanced and relevant.
would probably not consult with a clergyman since their advice tends to be somewhat predictable and biased.
would never consult with the clergy. They are too biased towards religion to give an objective or relevant opinion.
6. The Bible...
Now... Aspire...
is the Literal Word of God, through His Prophet(s), and must be followed or there will be consequences.
is Divine (even if only in inspiration) and has great moral and spiritual value for society.
can be respected for its historical and cultural contributions, but it carries no real authority.
is man-made, with religious contributions that are mostly outdated, and it carries no authority.
is entirely man-made, a relic of our superstitious, Bronze Age, and sometimes barbaric thinking.
7. What I believe about Evolution vs Creation:
Now... Aspire...
Creation is preferable and can better instill values, morality and purpose in our children. Science is fallible.
There is no conflict between Creation and Evolution. We can reconcile archeology with the Bible.
There is no harm in the Creation narrative, but science and experience are more reliable foundations.
Creation can be ignored, or told as a story if Evolution is taught, by comparison, as fact.
8. If my child chose to follow or marry into another religion, I would...
Now... Aspire...
not be particularly troubled.
be ok with it, but I might try to make them aware of the possible challenges they might face.
try to dissuade them, but would ultimately accept their decision.
apply (even strong) pressure in the hopes of making them change their mind.
9. The way I dress...
Now... Aspire...
gives visible indications of my religion.
might occasionally give visible indications of my religion.
is always secular in nature.
would only ever involve religious symbols or images on a T-shirt (and probably in a comedic sense).
10. If I could pass any law I wanted about religion, I would...
Now... Aspire...
outlaw all practice of religion.
discourage religion in public schools and in state or federal activities.
allow no tax benefits to any religious institution limiting the equality & human rights of women or minorities.
encourage (civilized and peaceful) religion in public and state activities, and prevent discrimination against it.
make my religion the law of the land.