Evolutionology: Politics Test

Are you biased towards the Conservative or the Liberal side?

Directions: For each of the 10 questions below, you must choose one “Now” answer on the left hand side (describing how you think now), and one “Aspire” answer on the right hand side (describing how you aspire to think).

Click one radio button on each side. (You are allowed to choose the same answer for both sides.)

1. When I vote, I...
Now... Aspire...
always vote Liberal (Left-wing) because Conservatives are Capitalist gun-loving climate change deniers.
usually vote Left-wing, but I could conceivably vote for a Conservative if they fought for my important issues.
always vote for the best person for the job, and I can think of times when I have voted both Left and Right.
usually vote Right-wing, but I could conceivably vote for a Liberal if they fought for my important issues.
always vote Conservative (Right-wing) because Liberals are naive Socialist elitist terrorist-sympathizers.
2. I think this President did the best job (even if I would not admit it to others):
Now... Aspire...
George W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Dwight Eisenhower
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
3. In fiscal policy, I believe...
Now... Aspire...
taxes should be minimal, government should be very small, with politicians perhaps even part-time.
taxes should stay low and government should be as limited in size as is feasible.
taxes should be efficiently-used, not be a burden, with government only as big as necessary to serve.
taxes can be somewhat elevated and government can increase in size when needed to provide more services.
taxes should be very high, and government should be very large in order to provide many important services.
4. I believe marriage should be...
Now... Aspire...
legally redefined as being between any two adults who want to dedicate their lives to one another.
between any two adults who want to dedicate their lives to one another.
between a man and a woman, though I will neither interfere with nor encourage same-sex marriage.
between a man and a woman, and same-sex marriage should be discouraged and not legalized.
5. My view on foreign policy are:
Now... Aspire...
Freedom and democracy must replace violence & tyranny, even if we have to install it forcibly.
If we help less fortunate countries, we have a right to influence them towards democracy and stability.
Those with resources and power are responsible to make the world better, safer, with human rights for all.
We should help countries less fortunate than ours, but we should minimize military or political interference.
We must help less fortunate countries, but it is wrong to impose our will, values or expectations on them.
6. My view on immigration policy is:
Now... Aspire...
No legal immigration reform until the borders are secured. Deportation of all illegal criminal offenders or those with extremist ties.
Border security must be addressed in a serious way and immigration reforms are needed to deal with the current situation.
Border security is less important than compassionate immigration reform and integrating immigrants.
Borders are secure enough. Those living and working here and those who make it here must be allowed to stay and build a new life.
7. The homeless:
Now... Aspire...
should be provided with places or the means to get a meal and a bed if and when they need it.
should not be judged and should be allowed to seek whatever living and shelter they can find.
should not be encouraged with too many handouts or they will be enabled in their indigence.
should not be allowed to live and beg on the streets but pressured into being responsible members of society.
8. The ideal political system is...
Now... Aspire...
a Socialist Democracy where social programs predominate and with little to no income inequality.
Democracy that emphasizes social programs over profit, and tries to reduce income inequality.
Democracy with sensibly regulated Capitalism and social programs for temporary relief to the needy.
Democracy with minimally-regulated Capitalism and only essential social programs.
Democracy with unfettered Capitalism.
9. Gun ownership...
Now... Aspire...
is a Constitutional right, should be unregulated, and is a necessity for personal and property protection.
is a Constitutional right, and regulation should be sensible and not restrictive.
is a Constitutional right, but should be regulated for safety, education, and lawful use.
should be limited and highly regulated.
should be outlawed and all civilian gun use banned.
10. Health Care...
Now... Aspire...
should be provided free by the State, no matter the cost, with complete government oversight and control.
should be provided by the State with government oversight and some free market alternatives.
can be supplemented by the State to the extent it is affordable. Doctors & patients must control their care.
should be run by the free market with minimal government regulation and oversight.
should be run by the free market without government interference.