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Cash How It Works | AllowanceTree.com
How it works:
AllowanceTree is a virtual banking system that represents the real money children receive from their parents.

On this fun, interactive platform you can:
  • Receive automatic monthly deposits
  • Save and earn interest
  • Invest and grow your money
  • Earn bonus income for chores well done
  • Donate to charity and earn bonus points
  • Take out loans from your parents and maintain good credit

Manage & Grow Cash
AllowanceTree is a powerful tool that enables your children to manage and grow their cash by engaging in realistic and rewarding financial activities.

Your children receive, manage and grow their cash:

  • With automatic monthly (virtual) deposits, as part of their allowance
  • Cash-Out money manually, and collect it from parents,
  • by earning interest on their AllowanceTree Savings account
  • by doing well on their Chores
  • by investing in, and improving, their school Grades
donate to charity
donate to charity

Parents Play Bank
All the money represented on AllowanceTree is held by parents (offline). They do not deposit it online. When your children want to get their money in the real world, they simply cash-out the desired amount on AllowanceTree. The parent receives a notification of the cash-out and can give their children the money at that time.

Online Spending:
Your children earned it, so we want to give them a way to spend it.

The AllowanceStore features a selection of Products & Gift eCards at locations specifically chosen for their children friendly products.

All orders must be approved by parents before they are placed.

Once approved, parents must pay for the purchase with the allowance money that belongs to their children that they hold.
(The amount is deducted from their Cash Balance)
Allowance Store