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AllowanceTree.com | Grow your Allowance!
"your free money-management center"
a fun, interactive way to learn about real-world financial responsibility
Manage & grow your money
Save, invest in your grades, donate to charity,
avoid debt, and maintain good credit
Have fun & do good
Earn points, rank & badges for
good money management
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Allowance Center

Automatic Allowances

Track your income, grow and manage your money.

Grow your Money

Grow your money

Save, earn money from chores and invest in your grades.

Rise up the Ranks

AllowanceTree Rankings and Points

Earn points by managing your money and donating to charity.

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High Praise for AllowanceTree

"I can honestly say that what you have created here is by far the best tool for teaching budgeting and financial responsibility that I have ever seen."
- Dr. Sean Flynn
Best-Selling Author, Economics for Dummies
and the world's best-selling college textbook
Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies